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DQ Quikeys

Speed processing

We are often asked what happens to all the images after the wedding so I thought I would share a little of our workflow.

Immediately after the wedding we always make back-up copies of your images which we store away from the studio. For the next stage we use Adobe Lightroom to identify any duplicates (we always shoot extra images in case of blinks) We then carry out any adjustments to the Raw files before converting to Jpeg format.

Before these images are ready for proofing I like them all to be  retouched..yes, 300-400 images individually retouched. This process has been made possible by using Quikeys from DQ Studios.

The Quikeys make a huge improvement to the speed we can process the images meaning that we do not have to compromise on the quality of the proofs.

The latest news from DQ Studios is that they are developing a Raw module for Lightroom. A big thank you to Dave and Quin.

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